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Former Guests of KQCK Radio Station

  Former Guests of KQCK Radio Station
•Frank Pratt – AZ. House of Representatives
•John Munger –For Governor of Arizona
•Dan Washburn – Superior Court Judge
•JD Hayworth – United States Congress – Running for US Senate
•Chuck Grey - Arizona State Senator Running for US Congress
•Erik Knutson & Tripp Keber - CEO's Keef Cola & Dixie Elixirs
•Dave Richens – Mesa City Councilman
•Robert Mazur, Former Undercover Federal Agent and Author
•Dr. Paul Bregman, a practicing Colorado physician and member of MMJ Department of •Revenue Advisory Board
•Dana Hawman - FUSD, Director of Construction and Developer Negotiations
•Cecil Ash - AZ. House of Representatives
•Maria Brosnan-Liebel - Staff Writer for Deal Flow Media, International
•Ryan Hurley - Rose Law Group, Head of the Renewable Energy Policy and Research
•Department and co-chair ,Medical Marijuana practice group.
•Christine Lunsford - GreenSpring Consulting, Medical marijuana consultant.
•Erik Knutson CEO of Keef Cola
•Paul Gosar – United States Congress
•Rebecca Rios – Arizona State Senator
•Art Sanders - Mayor of Queen Creek AZ 2006-2010
•Gail Barney – Mayor of Queen Creek AZ 2010 to Current
•Mark Winsor – Attorney at Law and Popular National Radio Talk Show Host
•Millie Owens - Gold Medal Winner in the World Vocal Olympics
•Cheryl Speen - Psychic and Master Toe Reader
•Jack MalPass - Executive Director of the San Tan Valley Think Tank
•Jason Foster - Farm Bureau Financial Adviser
•Steve Johnson - State Farm Insurance Broker -President of the San Tan Regional Chamber
•Chris Markowski - National Radio Host, TV Personality and the Watchdog on Wallstreet
•Manny Arias - Professional International Soccer
•Tom Horne - Arizona Attorney General
•Deb Krympotic – CEO of Banner Hospitals
•Steve Smith – Arizona State Senator
•Sheriff Paul Babeu – Pinal County, AZ Sheriff, 2011 National Sheriffs association, Sheriff of •the Year
•Thayer Verschoor – Arizona State Senator
•Bryan Martyn – Pinal County Supervisor,War Veteran and National Radio Talk Show Host
•Dr. Cecilia Johnson – Coolidge AZ Superintendent of Schools
•Dr Gary Nine – Florence AZ Superintendent of Schools
•Stacey Deprey Purper - CEO of Today Publications Newspapers
•Honorable Chad Roche – Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Courts
•Bill Montgomery – Maricopa County Attorney
•Shawn Babeu – Pinal County Justice of the Peace
•Jack McClaren – Pinal County Constable
•Rural Metro Fire Department
•AZ Department of Agriculture
•Deanna Gabriel - Greenspring Consulting
•Three Dog Night – International Classic Rock Band
•Jeff Senour – Songwriter, Artist, Musician of CTS Music Experience and The Freedom Rock •Experience
•San Tan Lions Club
•Dr Robert Winsor – Doctor of Education
•JD Mesnard – AZ House of Representatives
•Tom Forese – AZ House of Representatives
•Tim Hensley – Genesis Housing Corporation
•Sheryl Robinson – Home Key Realty
•Wendy Shaw – Broker from John Hall and Associates
•T.M. Ballentyne Jr.- Famous Political Author of the Uncommon Sense Series and Tea Party Leader
•Davis Highway Band – National Country Pop Band also Songwriters, Artists, Musicians
•Vincent P. Palazzotto MMAPA (Medical Marijuana Assistance Programs of America) - Executive Director
•Steve Fuller – Superior Court Judge
•Dennis Lusk – Pinal County Justice of the Peace – 2002 – 2010
•Dr. Amy Fuller – Florence Unified School District, Assistant School District Superintendent
•The Russian Bear - Ivan Koloff - 7 time Georgia Wrestling Tag Champion
•The Total Package Lex Luger - WCW Champion, NWA US Champion
•Baby Doll - NWA Valet for the 4 Horsemen
•Barry Darsow (Wrestled as Demolition Smash, Krusher Khruchev, Repo Man)
•Brian Schenk, "The Schenkster", National Talk Show Host of, "Off The Top Rope"
•Boris Zhukov - AWA Tag Team Champion
•Greg Gagne - AWA TV Champion, AWA Tag Team Champion
•B. Brian Blair - WWF Tag Team KILLER BEES, Florida Champion
•Jumping Jim Brunzell - WWF Tag Team KILLER BEES, AWA Tag Team Champion
•Stan The Lariat Hansen - LEGEND!
•King Kong Bundy - WWF star, Movie Star, LEGEND!
•Pretty Boy Doug Somers - AWA Tag Team Champion
•Hacksaw Jim Duggan - LEGEND - American Hero!
•The Ugandan Headhunter, KAMALA! Wrestled everywhere
•Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff - LEGEND! WWF, Georgia, WCW, Mid South
•Rick Steiner - One half of the Steiner Brothers Tag Team - HUGE star.
•Rockin' Robin - Former WWF Ladie's Champion (80's)
•Tommy WILDFIRE Rich - NWA Champion, Georgia Wrestling Star
•Gator Steve Keirn - One half of the Fabulous Ones, Florida Champion
•Terry Funk - NWA Champion, Starred in ROADHOUSE with Patrick Swayze - LEGEND
•Val Venis - WWF star, Intercontinental Champion and Agent
•Nick Bockwinkel - Greatest AWA Champion EVER!
•Jumpin' Jim Brunzell - AWA and WWF Tagteam Wrestler
•Sean Mooney Former WWF Announcer and Legendary Sports Announcer
•Paul Antinori – Constitutional Expert - State Attorney for the 13th Circuit of Florida - Author of “A Modest Proposal to Amend the Constitution"
•Chery Shuman - Medical Cannibus Activist, Former Executive Director of Beverly hills NORNL, Now with Daily buds and Kush Magazine as Public Relations and Media Director
•Cheryl Brown - President Medical Marijuana Business Alliance ( <>); SVP - CSSB Bank
•Glen Foster - Bio Track THC Merchant Solutions
•Kayvan Kahlabari & Ean Seeb - CO Dispensary Owners & MMAPA Participating Members
•Erik Knutson & Tripp Keber - CEO's Keef Cola & Dixie Elixirs
•Cheryl Shuman - Spokeperson Kush Magazine; Mile Hi NORML
•Aaron Smith - National Cannabis Industry Association - Exec Director (Phoenix, AZ)
•Kayvan Khalatbari - Colorado Dispensary owner and Consulting Company Owner
•Tripp Keber - Managing Director of Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, LLC
•Robert J Corry Jr. Attorney & Voted, "One of 50 Most Influential Power Brokers" according •to 5280 Magazine
•David Dow of the Law Offices of David Dow, PLLC
•Greg Henke President of Cultivation Management Services
•Gus Escamilla, President and founder of Greenway University
•Steve Cottrell CEO of AZ Med Testing
•Roberto Hernandez, the Editor in Chief for Culture Magazine
•Garrick Taylor, the Vice President of Government Relations for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce
•Adam Stevens, Active Tea Party Leader

•Dennis Andrew Ball - Presidential Candidate 2012 Election

•Douglas Wolf - Candidate for Pinal County Accessor

•Cheryl Chase - Candidate for Pinal County Supervisor District 2

•Tom Bearup - Candidate for Pinal County Sheriff

•Mike McCord - Candidate for Pinal County Supervisor District 2

•Tom Di Camillo - Hall of Fame Sports Director and Announcer/Asst. Commisioner of the PacWest & Radio Talk Show Host

•David Wanger - CEO of Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem

•Dr. Anne Borik - Chief of Staff of Florence Hospital at Anthem & Radio Talk Show Host

•Famous Arizona Band - So Much For Serious

•Eddie Money - Famous International Recording Artist and Entertainer

•Matt Salmon - Former Senator/House of Representative and Candidate for US House of Representive 2012

•Chicago - Famous Internatiol Rock Band

•Styx - Famous International Rock Band

•BTO - Famous International Rock Band

Ethan Hamilton - Athletic Director of Point Loma Nazarene University 

•Academy of Art Athletic Director Kevin Price

•Joe Ortiz Candidate for AZ State Senator

•Anthony Smith for Pinal County Supervisor District 3

•Garrett Hert, Chairman of the Engineering Technology Program at Central Arizona College

•Tammy Brauny, Team Mate of the Harlem Globetrotters

•Jessica D. Galindo, Founder of Personal Organization and Consulting

•Sally Shino with First American Title

•Scott Goddard with First American Title

•Julian Easter, Dean of Superstition Mountain Central AZ College Campus

•Gloria Hamley from Home Light Realty and Management

•Kevin Harder from Arbaletum Breckner Law Firm

•Kennedy Joe Ortiz for State Senate.

•Clint Leonard, Gynecologist

•Ivan Koloff "Russian Bear", Professional Wrestler

•Ron Garvin, Professional Wrestler and Referee

•Jake the Snake Roberts, Professional Wrestler

•Charles Anderson, who Runs Better Today Recovery Services

•Nick Jones, CEO and Founder of Old Pueblo Community Services

•Jeff Ross, a Central Arizona College Professor

•Steven Nebgim, an Entertainment Law Attorney

•Ed Koontz, Broker at North Valley Realty

•Dr. John Stafford, Psychologist

•Marc J. Victor, Attorney for Freedom and US Senator Candidate

•Lando Voyles Candidate for Pinal County Attorney

•Paul Messenger, San Tan Valley Republican Club President

•Adam Stevens, Political Activist

•John Ellenwood, Political Activist

•T.J. Shope, Candidate for Arizona State House

•Art Weigh, Manager of the Colorado Drug Alliance

•Stacy Katz Mortgage Consultant

•Debra Prevost President of AZ Academy of Real Estate

•Mike McCord for District 2 Supervisor,

•Dr. Saggar, Director of Pulmonary Hypertension, Pulmonary Fibrosis Programs, and the Assistant Director of Lung Transportation at St. Joes.

•Todd House for District 5 County Supervisor

•Jim Eckley, Famous Speaker and Attorney

•Matt Salmon For US House of Representatives

•Gabe Kubanda, Acoustic Musician

•Ron LeDuc, Pinal County Constable Candidate

•Ryan Sudrick, Pinal County Constable Candidate

•Thomas Dryden, Pinal County Constable Candidate

•Eric Messina, Pinal County Constable Candidate

•Smartmtg Loan Officer Wendy Hartman-Thomas

•Smartmtg Loan Officers Melvin Fields

•Pat Prince, Candidate for Pinal County Supervisor District 2

•Rosemary Ramirez, Director of Student Engagements and Activities

•Kevin P Boudreau with Boudreau Consulting, CPA

•Denise Tucker with National Home Warranty

•Special Guest Deb Sanderson, State Representative for the State of Maine!

•Kirk Adams for US House of Representatives

•Steve Miller for County Supervisor District 3

•Dr. Rae Budway, a Surgeon from Pittsburgh

•Sadako Pointer of the Pointer Sisters

•Anna Escovetho from N.A.H.R.E.P. (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals)

•Grey Sanard, from N.A.H.R.E.P. (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals)

•Tina Tamboura from N.A.H.R.E.P.

•Joe Carreiro Sr, Political Activist, Poet, and Graduate from Arizona State University

•Alan and Nancy Kaywood, Fiddle Players

•Michelle Weiss, from the Jazzercise Program and Personal Fitness Program at Gilbert Hospital

•Sarah Medina, from the Jazzercise Program and Personal Fitness Program at Gilbert Hospital

•Eric R. Lichtenheld of Integra Group

•Shirley Moore Publisher of Mary Janes Survival Guide

•Susan Squibb, Hosts the High Tea for the American Cannabis Association

•Kelron Sykes, Former Arena and San Diego Chargers Player

•Dr. Mike Funicello, Chiropractor

•Tom Bearup for Pinal County Sheriff

•Dr. Mark Meadows, Speaker for ObamaCare

•Francisco Hernandez from NAHREP

•Attorney Scott Welker

•2012 Scholarship Winners Awarded by Florence Copper Project

•Loretta Love Huff, CEO of Emerald Harvest Consulting

•Mike Yamamoto Vision Director at Peoples Mortgage

•Dave Urias, Realtor and Board Member of the Hareb Group

•Dr. Fintleman, with Barnett, Dulaney, and Perkins

•Will Fisher from CAC Director of Audio and Visual


•Art U XC runner/filmmaker Heather Castro
•Dixie State women’s golf coach Rachel Harmon
•New Academy of Art Athletic Director Kevin Price
•Pacwest GCU Coach Kris Naber
•Pacwest GCU Women's Volleyball Team Player Kristen Preach
•Brandon Davis of Dominican University
•Pacific West Conference Commissioner Bob Hogue
•Point Loma Athletic Director Ethan Hamilton
•Azusa Pacific AD Gary Pine
•Pacwest GCU’s Purtzer, Dixie State’s John Potter
•Pacwest NDNU's Steve Rianda
•Pacwest GCU's Braylon Pickrel
•Pacwest BYU-Hawaii’s Ken Wagner
•Pacwest CBU's Kevin Odom
•Pacwest CBU’s Myriah Hicks
•Pacwest CBU AD Dr. Micah Parker
•Pacwest UHH hoops coach Jeff Law
•Dominican University of California men’s soccer player Dennis Maric 
•Dominican University of California men’s soccer head coach Jon Delano 
•Pacwest HPU's Jorge Medina
•Dominican hoop standout-turned-Harlem Globetrotter Tammy Brawner
•Pacwest New BYU-Hawaii Softball Coach Dave George
•Holy Names University Director of Athletics Dennis Jones
•Dixie State's Jason Boothe
•Art U's Jamie Williams
•Dominican University of California Head Women’s Tennis Coach Greg Kennett
•BYU-Hawaii sophomore goalkeeper Megan McCain 
•Dixie State junior cross country runner Rachel Young
•Dave Porter, the head men’s and women’s tennis coach at BYU-Hawaii
•Pacwest Director of Compliance Wayne Coito
•Brian Guinn, the head baseball coach at Academy of Art
•Ken Wagner, head coach of the BYU-Hawaii,
•Jon Judkins, Dixie State's mentor
•Jeff Harada, the head coach of the surprising Hawai‘i Pacific women's basketball team 







Vincent Palazzotto

Vincent Palazzotto

Tom Di Camillo

Tom Di Camillo

Marie, "The Music Extraordinaire"

Marie, "The Music Extraordinaire"

Aiemee Hazard

Aiemee Hazard

Daniel, "The Musicologist"

Daniel, "The Musicologist"

Joe C

Joe C

Show Times

Show Times

Douglas Wolf

Douglas Wolf