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Pepper Joe's Established in 1989 - 25 Years HOT !!!!
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Enjoying KQCK has never been Easier.  Now with KQCK Television you can Watch Your favorite LIVE Talk Shows, On Demand Shows, Premium Content, Even Listen to your favorite music Right on Television FREE.
No Subscription Fee's for KQCK TV.

 KQCK is Now a PUBLIC CHANNEL on The International HD Television Network Roku

Roku was Established as a Robust Television in 2008. As technology speeds forward, the Roku Network has grown to about 15 Million Happy Viewers. Roku is Now being built into Televisions, but if you do not have a Roku Ready TV, The Top of the Line Roku Box is $99.00 Retail, which means on Sale you can find them dirt cheap.


I personally went from spending $203.00 per month with Satellite to $18.60 per month on Roku with Virtually the same Programming. The only reason people don't have Roku these days is because they have not picked one up yet, or they do not know about it, or they are flying off the shelves so quickly, they have not yet had the opportunity. You can even enjoy Roku FREE. There are Thousands of FREE Channels to eliminate you TV Bills entirely. A lot of other Networks have decided, Viewers should watch TV for FREE, and KQCK is in with them so our viewers can enjoy KQCK Television FREE.

Their are 2 ways to add our channel.  Simply turn on you TV, goto SPECIAL INTEREST and there you go, CLICK on the KQCK YELLOW Channel Icon and your done.

The other way is go to on your computer, Go to "Add a Channel" and Type in "KQCK" and you're done. You have added Our Channel to your TV.

Better go pick up some popcorn and potato chips, because its time to start watching your favorite talk shows on KQCK... And Yes you can watch your HBO, NETFLIX, FOX, USA or any of your other favorite channels.

Here is the Link is you are not a Roku User Yet... See you on TV and  KQCK TELEVISION NETWORK IS FREE....TO ALL VIEWERS, YES FREE !! Below is what the Roku Looks Like, We Love it and if you don't Already, YOU WILL !


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