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2014 Superbowl!  Was a time for  good games, good people, and good commercials!! 2014 was no different!  We LOVED the superbowl commercials including man's best friend in some of the cutest commercials made in the states!  Our breed, The English Mastiff, was represented about as true to life as could be!  Lazy, docile, not easily provoked... then the Fantasy starts.. to get his coveted bag of Doritos, the boy comes riding, all saddled up, on his uhm.. dog.. lol. 

​Adorable, well done commercial!   NO DOG WAS ACTUALLY RIDDEN IN THIS COMMERCIAL!  They were very safety conscious.  What I LOVED about this commercial, besides the fact that it was adorable as anything I had seen in a bit, was that it sparked a trend in educating about the damages of ACTUALLY riding a dog, any dog being ridden, could cause problems such as; Hip Dysplasia, spinal problems, Nerve damage, Ligament damage, and possibly an aggressive outcome from the dog towards the child/person (yep, even the most docile dog.. biting is how they spank"). ​​​​Here is a wonderful piece written by long time Mastiff Fancier, and mentor to many, Carol Ann Smith: KEEP CALM & READ ON...... I was laying in bed last night pondering the issue that keeps arising from pictures such as this one. When all of a sudden the below picture popped into my head. Yep......I am guilty!!!! This picture was taken almost 20yrs. ago & yes that "was" my 1st mastiff rescue bitch. So many things could of gone wrong w/ this scenario. I don't even know where to start! If you notice the bitch even has a bone in her mouth! WTH was I thinking!!!??? My point of posting this picture is....We all make mistakes while learning how to be good dog parents. LISTEN to people who have been there & done that. I am the perfect example of someone that honestly didn't know any better & thought...Oh how cute!!! It's only by the grace of God that this picture didn't turn into tragedy. I chose to listen to my awesome mentors and w/ their guidance, help & my willingness to listen & learn...

I have come a LONG way! I think what it boils down to is, none of us want our fur-kids or human kids injured in ANY way....listen w/ an open heart & mind to people that speak from experience.... NEVER ALLOW A CHILD TO SIT/RIDE ON ANY DOG.... My two cents....

Thank you Joe Carreiro, of KQCK Radio Stations for your love and dedication to the gentle giants that we call Mastiffs, and for allowing us the time for a short spot of education about the dangers of riding a dog.  Your love and willingness to help in all things Mastiff is amazing and appreciated!  


​​Sherry Moon 
Salem Moon Mastiffs​​​


      Joe from KQCK and his boy Angus



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